In advance of your service visit, please review our new service/safety accommodations:
  • Upon entering our facility you will be greeted by one of our valets wearing a mask and gloves 
  • You will be asked to exit the vehicle while our valet sanitizes the cockpit and installs protective coverings 
  • The valet will direct you to a service advisor to write up your repair order
  • Interactions with your service advisor will take place from a clearly delineated area just outside of the advisor's office in order to maintain proper social distancing
  • After write-up, you will be directed to our waiting area
  • All seating has been re-configured to comply with social distancing mandates
  • Waiting area seating will be cleaned continuously. Signs are being placed on each chair indicating that the chair is sanitized and safe to sit in. 
  • Unfortunately, all food and beverage service has been suspended to comply with mandates
  • Upon completion of your servicing, you will be directed to the cashier who will be behind a protective covering
  • Cashiers will provide sanitized pens if signing is necessary
  • Your sanitized vehicle will be brought to you outside the facility. All protective coverings will be removed at that time
Additionally, the following measures are being taken when applicable:
  • Loaner vehicles are being cleaned and sanitized extensively before being given to our guests
  • Pick-Up and Delivery is being offered for customers who would prefer not to drive to the facility. Please call 866-463-2550 to schedule 
  • Touch-free shopping and paying available completely online through our service online store